Friday, October 3, 2014

When Things Get Busy

I am not sure why but this time of year their is always more stress and things can be really busy. I know the other morning I had showered and then was getting dressed I know thinking to myself that I had to make sure I did not forget my insulin pump. I continue getting ready and I noticed the time I was running slightly behind because I had hit the snooze button my alarm. I knew I needed to speed things up because I did not want to miss my bus. So I was running around frantically making my lunch and grabbing my stuff. I know I did seem to catch up just before I needed to run out the door. In my madness to get out the door on time I never made sure my pump was attached. I was watching my Dexcom start to move up slightly so I went to grab for my insulin pump to discover it was not attached. I knew I had bottles of insulin in my bag so I was covered but it is was rather annoying to manually calculate each dosage of insulin all day when I am so used to using my insulin pump. It is great practice either way.

Thankfully I had a Dr. appointment and I was able to get home early and get back on my pump. I know some days I feel lucky I remember to bring half my stuff and that is only because I have prepare my bag every Sunday for the week. I add extra pump supplies, insulin, test strips and low treatments. I also have back up pump supplies in work drawer and in purse as well. I also on another night left my Dexcom at work when I going to a dinner after work. So I really  have been forgetting a great deal of things this week thankfully today is Friday and I just have to get through today and I do have both my Dexcom and pump with me right now. Some weeks things with Diabetes are easier than others weeks like this really can add a great deal of stress. I am lucky because even without my Dexcom she was alerting so I was still safe. I just feel really silly that I forgot so many important things all because things got busy.

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