Thursday, October 30, 2014

Why Do I Panic Every Time

I know I am really not looking forward to my Endocrinologist appointment tomorrow. My Animas One Touch Ping had been creating higher blood sugars which took me a while to figure out. I did not figure it out till last Friday when it was going back into constant prime mode. I know I was incredibly frustrated that was what was causing all the higher blood sugars I was experiencing. It turns out the motor was sending less insulin in than it was supposed to be which was causing me to use temp basal rates to keep things in check. Thankfully I am pretty resourceful and was able to figure out things as I went. I noticed that the pump was asking to be primed more frequently and then the higher blood sugars appeared. I just wish I had noticed sooner. This also leaves me with questions about my recent seizures could the pump be part of the issue. I know I had had some issues over the past month but I was so busy it took me a while to put all the fact together.

Animas did get me out a pump quickly and they are looking into the pump when I send it back. They are checking to see if the issues were caused by the pump malfunctioning. I am hope the spend the time to review everything and get any of the issues resolved. I am not sure I will ever know if the seizure was insulin pump related but it very well could have been. I am really glad I was able to get back to the more normal blood sugars I am used to seeing. I am back to less lows and very few highs which I prefer. So I know most likely my A1c has went up but I have no idea how much but at least I know what happened. I have been at the say Alc number for over a year and I will be sad if it goes up. I am not expecting a large jump but a slight one will not hurt.

I know the Dr. will be okay with the fact it went up. I know they are pleased that I work so hard to begin with. I just was hoping to keep things where it currently is but I also know that is really hard to do. Sometimes my body likes to change dramatically and it can take a while to figure out how to handle the issues. So I know I am happy that normally all my blood work comes back normal so normally the only one I worry about is my A1c thankfully. I know things will be fine but I am always so nervous for the appointment regardless if my Alc was normal or not.

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