Friday, October 31, 2014

Glad Things Turned Out to be Fine

I always end up saying that I had not need to worry before my Endocrinologist appointment. I love the office I see and I am blessed that they understand how hard I work. They know I am always trying new things to keep my blood sugar in line. I know I thought my A1c went up but it was the same for all my A1c's this year which is great. I know I feel blessed they are constantly working with me to figure out the craziness I call my diabetes. I know we discussed my seizure and we looked at the Dexcom data before the seizure and honestly it looked like a great day for me until that point.

So we are just taking it easy and if anything comes up such as a bad low or seizure they want me to call. I told them that this time my blood sugars were very level and not too difficult to handle so I did not call to discuss the issue with them. I feel like I made the correct call. I know in the past once I had a seizure it was really easy to go back into another seizure but this time has really been different. I do not know what to expect but I am just going to continue to do my best.

I know my Dr. was not upset about the seizure they told me they were proud that I had worked so hard and that not having a seizure for two years was a reflection of my work. So I know I can count on them to be supportive even when I had initially had trouble seeing that it just happens. I know their will always be the good times and the bad times dealing with my diabetes. So today I am just celebrating that yes hard work does help and that yes I will make mistakes but at the end of the day I have a great team behind me.

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