Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Changes in Partnership

I have noticed recently that Duchess is really loving the running. In fact she seems to be even more on top of my blood sugars. The most interesting part for me is that I do work out five days a week and run three of the days I workout. So it is not like I am running a great deal we usually run a couple of miles and it seems to really get her more focused and it seems to bring us together more as team. I never knew she liked running as much as she does. She seems to get a little too excited when we first start out running I have to remind her to slow her pace otherwise she will be dragging behind when I am trying to finish up the run. It is a learning curve for both of us. I have run before with her but with no real need to run a certain distance or need to run a certain amount of time so we both our learning what works for us. She seems to love knowing which day of the weeks we are going to run and looks forward to it each day. I am thinking of making it four days a week but like having days where I work out on the elliptical and other machines at the gym.

I think mixing up the routine is helping me to allow my body to adjust to running instead of starting to run everyday which would be difficult when you are just starting out so I am happy I have found a good balance to try and keep things interesting. I know I am happy Duchess is loving running and I am starting to enjoy it the more I go and I know their will be times where I won't want to run but most of the time once I am out their I do fine. So I pleased that Duchess even with all the changes seems to be able to improve her alerting she is now alerting like this morning I was 112 and she alerted and I could not figure out why. Then a couple minutes later I look at Dexcom it was slowing moving up then 120. Since she let me know early I was able to give a small amount of insulin to prevent a big jump like I saw yesterday morning. Some days she just amazes me how she knows so early. I know I am enjoying our time running as well. Nice to have someone with you when you out on adventures.

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