Tuesday, September 30, 2014

General Public Assumptions

I have been irritated recently with comments from people I have run across at the grocery store. There is always a person who thinks I am being mean to Duchess because she is working. What some people do seem to understand dogs really enjoy having a purpose much like us. Duchess takes a great deal of pride in doing a good job and continually learning new things. Duchess really loves to go places and likes doing new things. She loves to be active and explore things most dogs will never experience. Their is times I am sure she is tired or would rather be at home playing but I also know she gets a great deal of good things as well. Duchess really seems to love going places. The exception has been the grocery store because she has been run over by carts, surrounded by kids, tail pulled and other obnoxious scenarios have all happened. I do my best to prevent this from happening but it is hard to prevent everything.

The interesting thing is one woman said Duchess was unhappy, but the interesting thing is her tail was up and not touched behind her. If she was unhappy her tail would have been tucked under her. I told the woman her tail is up and she is fairly content but I explained that a great deal of negative things have happened at this grocery store on several occasions.  Overall Duchess seemed completely fine to me and I also pointed out Duchess tail and other body language which disagreed with what she was saying. I also told her to keep in mind that with a medical alert dog you have no idea what a night or day before might have been like for the team. The dogs genuinely love what they do. Duchess has never not wanted to go to work or do her job. She is always thrilled when I get her vest out to start the day. I know it is hard for some people to understand how much her presence is needed, but also improves my confidence in my ability to get through the day.

I am sure some people do not understand the bond we have and that we truly value having each other in our lives. Duchess is a very happy dog and people in the general public tend to jump to conclusions especially when they do not see her on a daily basis. I know Duchess will never really love grocery shopping and I am okay with that but I do know there is no other place she would rather be than with me. She loves her life and seems to love life in general.


  1. I have always felt a little bad that my black lab, Abby, has never gotten the opportunity to be a hunting dog. She has all the perfect instincts to have been a great hunter and that is what her breed is known for. But she has to be content living in suburbia and stalking rabbits and squirrels... I think that you are absolutely right that dogs love to "work".

  2. I know I have seem herding breeds who instinctively even as pets like to do that type of work. I think dogs really like to have purpose and Duchess is not exception. I know Abby is probably really happy when she has a task to do.