Monday, September 15, 2014

The Assumptions That Creates Issues

I have had several discussion over the past few months and the people all disclosed that they assumed I did less work because of my disability. I find it quite insulting that yes I do have challenges and some flexibility in my schedule to allow me to keep my job. I do not get breaks on my work and I don't get special treatment. I have to do the same job that previous person did as well. In fact I have even accomplished more than my predecessors did as well. I find in interesting that they automatically assume that I do less because of my disability but there is times my department would not have functioned without my dedication and hard work.

I find that the most people have a great deal of assumptions about disabilities. My job is still tough and even more so these days only because  the people I work with choose to make things more difficult for me to handle. I also have seen that they assume that I get more pay and special benefits but I do not. I had to fight for every penny I get today. I had to lay it out for our assistant director at the time how financially strapped at times due to medical issues etc. I have always done the best I can with what I have. I find it very interesting that they think I don't have to pull my weight as much. The interesting part is I miss less days than my healthy coworkers, I take less vacation days, I do not leave early frequently, and I have done more work than my coworkers. It may seem that having accommodations that I would get special things but for me that means if I am late because I was having a bad low that gives me the opportunity to make up the time or use my time if I want. I also know that that is my only real accommodation besides being able to make up time for Dr. appointments which really helped me to have time saved up for emergencies or sickness.

I know I am sure most people assume my life is easy and simple is actually so far from it. No matter what is going on in my life I am deal with public access issues, training, Diabetes, CGMS and other aspects of my life. Sadly that list does not include all the things I need to be concerned with. So I find it frustrating that people believe my life is easy I find it is not but the worst part of this for me is that some people purposely make my life more difficult because they think I have an edge on them or I don't have to work as hard. I know after several years of being here some people have not noticed all the weekends and long hours I work but I guess maybe they don't want to see that.

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