Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wonky Numbers

My blood sugars have really been wonky the past couple of days. I know I have not felt well but I did not expect them to be this wonky. At night I can be either really low or run 180 all night or 60 all night. Normally when I am working out my blood sugars are in the 130's-140 range normally but last night my blood sugars shot up into the 160's while exercising. Normally I would be dropping down into the 90-100 range towards the end of the workout. Last night I was climbing up. I had eaten dinner before I worked out but normally I do not bolus for my food it tends to help me from not going low along with shot bloks. So I was really surprised I had to bolus last night while working out. I was going at a very fast and steady pace. I did not feel high and was really surprised to hear my Dexcom go off as high. I might occassionally see a low especially in the last ten minutes of working out but now I seem to have gotten to where I am not going low but end up in the 90's and eat a snack.

I did not eat a snack last night and took around two units of insulin and still ended up in the 160 range after working out. I know I do tend to rise slightly after I finish because of the fact I did not bolus for my dinner. So I know I have to bolus but I guess I should have bolused more. I feel asleep watching television last night and I had not looked at my Dexcom before going to bed. It was running in the 150 range which is rather high for me at this time of night. I am not sure why the drastic change in blood sugars all of a sudden just really hoping it settles down. I am used to my blood sugars being a little more predictable. I know the past four or five days I have been guessing and not very well either.

I feel okay today so hopefully that is the end of the crazy of either high or low blood sugars. I know I am really tired since I could not sleep last night because I was low on and off for several hours. Once my blood sugar was normal again sleep still eluded me. I am really hoping for a much smoother day today. I know tonight I am running which means that I will most likely be running lower just as long as I have my blood sugar high enough before running I will avoid a low. My fingers are crossed. I know tonight I am just hoping for steady blood sugars that allow sleep.

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