Thursday, September 4, 2014

Excellent Visit and Good News

Well my visit with my Retina Specialist went well. There was no real changes in my eye and there was no formation of the bad blood vessels that cause the hemorrhages in my eyes. They said no Edema or any other issues showing. My eyes looked great he noticed my blood pressure was low which is normal for me most of the time.He said my eyes looked very stable and I would not have to come back for another six months. So my goal of keeping my Alc in range has really seemed to help me keep the Retinopathy stable as well. I know I take risks running my blood sugars lower but being able to keep my eyes as healer as possible is also beneficial as well. I know I make decision everyday that some would not make but I know what works for me and my life. Doing the type of work I do I need to be able to see well enough to look a computer screen all day.

I am happy that my eyes are doing so great because of all my hard work has paid off. I still have 20/20 vision currently and I could not be any happier with that. I do not see well at night but I can get around as necessary but I am looking at getting glasses for night driving. So I am very proud that my good blood sugars have helped me in avoiding any long term issues with my eyes. Even though it has been a bumpy ride I have learned so much about how keeping things well controlled does make a difference when having complication. I know I have struggled with the pressure of keeping things where I think they need to be. I also know my eyes are truly a reflection of all my hard work. I know I plan on keeping up with all the things I am currently doing.