Friday, September 5, 2014

Thoughts on Ice Bucket Challenge

I have been thinking about the recent ice bucket ALS challenge that went viral. I know people want us to do the same thing or something similar. I have my doubts if it would work because of all the incorrect information spread by the media. I know in order to get the same results from a challenge like the ice bucket we need to be viewed in a more positive manner. That is difficult when the average person thinks managing Diabetes is simple and some people don't even try. It is really hard for others to view things properly if they think that it is easy. I know my Diabetes can be very difficult and always has been hence the brittle Diabetic term that was added to my medical files when I was a baby.

I know even my own family at times forgets how difficult it can be when they are not around me enough. So I know it would be incredibly difficult to get the same amount of support until we correct a great deal of the incorrect information that has been going around for years. I hear constantly from the general public oh its easy you just test and take insulin. I tell them that is really incorrect. There is a great deal of things that affect blood sugar. So getting them to understand would not be an easy task and some would choose still to not believe. Even my own family would choose to donate more money to Cancer than to Diabetes when I used to raise funds for the ADA and JDRF. They always gave more money for Cancer or other illnesses because I assume they thought it would not kill me or just thought it was really slow moving.

I am frustrated we don't get the same support and funding from people because of the blame factors of Diabetes. This always has made me angry. I know people with ALS deserved funds too but, I want Diabetes to get the same funding as well. I know we need to correct a great deal of the the misinformation that the general public thinks is fact before I think we will get the same type of response from some thing similar to the ice bucket challenge.

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