Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sleep is Eluding Me

Some weeks are easier than others. This week has had its challenges. I have had issues with overnight lows and increasing my exercise at the same time. I know I have had to try and make the Dexcom more noticeable to me when I am sleeping. I am back to the point and it goes off all night long. So I made some adjustments yesterday and thankfully last night I am finally staying above low most of the night. The issue was that we had bad thunderstorms that I could not sleep through so from 1am-3:30am I was hearing all the car alarms going off and the thunder striking the ground. Then I finally start to fall asleep then the Dexcom goes off by then I was extremely irritated because I had run yesterday afternoon like I normally do. I was not wanting to test my Dexcom said it was 55 or below so I treated it which is not my normal routine. At times my Dexcom can be really off so I it was risky just treating with out do proper tests.

I guess when I get tired enough it becomes more and more about sleep. I know I am dragging this week and really just need more sleep. Working out is extremely difficult when you are not sleeping well but at least I am still working out each day. I am hoping that next week I get more sleep because honestly I am getting cranky and I know even Duchess is tired too. I know I am very dependent on getting proper sleep to keep my blood sugars more stable. The less sleep the more wonky my blood sugars tend to be and I know the past three days they have been. I know I need more sleep but with my schedule these days I am running from one thing to the next which does not leave much time to catch up on lost sleep. Diabetes at times drives me crazy because I really just want nights where I sleep most of the night. Hoping I get to sleep more tonight because I know otherwise Friday will be an incredibly long day.

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