Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Running Half Marathon

I recently asked my best friend since I was twelve if she wanted to join me in running a half marathon next year. I was very excited when she said yes. She has run several half marathons and said she believes in my ability to do it as well. I have had some negativity towards me running the half marathon from my own family to an extent. I know I have a great team of Dr.'s creating a team to help me get to my goal of running the half marathon so I feel I will be able to do it safely. The great part of having her help is that she has done this before and I can learn from her to an extent. It will be an incredible challenge but I am confident I can and will be able to accomplish my goal. I used to have bucket list that I ran across recently and realized I was happier when I was trying to mark things off my bucket list. I know I plan to go skydiving with my best friend for Birthday which is in October and it is an early birthday present for me as well. So I could not be more excited by this. I am an adrenaline junkie of sorts.

So my bucket list has a great deal of crazy fun adventures which I am looking forward to. I am actually starting to add more item and also work towards figuring out how I will be able to do some of the items. I know the half marathon was on my bucket list before so I know I am excite to be moving forward with my goal. The half marathon will be in May of next year and I have a great deal of pushing myself to do but I know once I put my mind too it I will be able to accomplish most things. I know with having Hypoglycemia Unawareness there is some danger but if I listen to my Dr. and listen to my own body I know I will be able to figure out any issues that come along. I know right now I am able to run a several miles already in just two weeks. I am slowing my pace down to allow my body to adjust to running. So far my ankles and knee's are cooperating very well with the running and the temps are not too bad at night so I can move to running more at night which I am loving. I know I will never get much support from running the marathon from those around me but I am okay with that. I know I am very strong person who has faced a great deal of obstacles in my life. So this will just be another.

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