Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Struggling to Educate At Times

There is times that I meet people from the general public and the discussion turns incredibly offensive very quickly. I know when you are disabled they see me as a dumping ground for insults not matter how nice I am. I try my best to educate as I can but there is some that are not open to learning the truth which is frustrating. I know I wish I could get people to understand Diabetes is  not as simple as I test blood sugar and take shots. It is so complicated and they go straight into the blame factors right away. I know I will be blamed if I die from a low even though we all know at times we will never know what cause the blood sugar to drop dramatically or rise high quickly. Even when you check your infusion sets, make sure hands are clean etc. I know it is hard to be faced with the ignorance of the general public most of the time.

I know recently I have felt that no matter what I will die from someday I will be blamed for my death if it is related to my Diabetes which makes me angry. I will be blamed for a low blood sugar if I die and they list it as a complication which is not really true in my mind. A complication would Retinopathy or other issues but not a low blood sugar. I find it interesting how my family will also have to stomach a great deal of the blame as well because I will be viewed as some one who did not try because I have complications. I know they will have to answer these awful questions one day as well. I know I hate that Diabetic patient is blamed and shammed because of a Disease that has not guarantee's. People can die from so many things but the blame factor will always incredibly disturbed me because it give me no credit for trying or doing my best.

I guess I am just angry that no matter what we do as Diabetics this stigma seems to follow. Maybe some day we will get everyone educated enough to understand that Diabetes is difficult and not easy. I have had several run in recently with people who told me that Diabetes is simple and that I should test more and I would not need Duchess. I told them they were wrong and need to learn the facts before you confront strangers. I also explained that their is not guarantee's and everyone person Diabetes can vary. So there is nothing easy about Diabetes. I am hoping I don't have any more of these run in's but I know I will. I just hate dealing with the ignorance is bliss attitude from people.

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