Monday, September 22, 2014

CGM in The Cloud

Today Mike at Diabetes Mine wrote and article " The Hypo That Changed My Mind About CGM In the Cloud". Being a single woman with two roommates who do no understand Diabetes or want to learn makes my life a little more complicated. I know my family worries a great deal about me but I also know that my family would freak out if they saw a 40 or below on my CGM. I know they would also not get that a great deal of the time my CGM says I am low but could actually be 90 all night. My numbers are not so accurate that the devices would be much help in my situation. If you have Hypoglycemia Unawareness and have someone in their life willing to hear the Dexcom go off all night that is great. I know my family would go nuts because they would contact me anytime it went low and I would go crazy because I am not really low.

I would really need a great sensor before I would consider letting any one know how many lows I do have because I know I will hear about it to no end. So I choose not to tell my family about this option because I know I would get lectured or yelled at because I am low. I know my father does not really understand Hypoglycemia Unawareness or the fact I have more frequent lows. So I choose to keep my numbers to myself and just try my best to reduce the numbers of lows on my own. I know my family would not be the right people who handle this information. They do not see me enough to remember what bad lows are like or how to handle them. So I choose to not really keep them in the loop for my own sanity. Considering all the challenges I have I know that at the end of the day my choice to not join all the others with the CGM in the cloud is the best choice for me.

I know for some people this is really wonderful but I know me and I would feel constrained by the information the technology provides. If the Dexcom was more accurate I am sure I would not be waiting but since my family is not ready for this I am just going to monitor my own and do the best I can because I know my family will never understand why I have so many lows or really understand why my CGM is not that accurate for me. So I will continue to not educate them about this technology and just monitor it on my own. I am a very private person so having another person watching it would be difficult for me. I know every time I have a high blood sugar I feel like a failure and lows make me feel angry. So I am happy to view my own Dexcom for now. I know it is the right thing for me. 


  1. I think that CGM in the cloud is wonderful for those who want it and or need it. If I were the parent of a young child, I would definitely get one. You're right that the numbers from Nightscout need to be taken in context. Is my BG really 40 or is it 65 and the Dex is off? Have I already treated the low? Have my numbers been great all day and this 55 is just a quick blip below target? Good post, Tarra.

  2. I know it is really wonderful for some but I know it will not work for others. I know I have always has issues with the accuracy of the Dexcom and other CGM's I have tried. So I know for some families this is priceless just as long as the data is correct. I know the more we depend on the technology the more accurate it will need to be. Thanks Laddie.