Friday, September 19, 2014

Too Much

I have been making progress and working on so many things that I am really struggling to keep up with it all. Honestly the lows at night I should have made changes earlier than I did but I have been so busy trying to master so many things Diabetes related that I lose my focus at times. This time of year is also stressful at work as well. So I have been feeling very cornered and just feeling buried in things to do. I try my best but at times all this work I do in so many areas of my life feels incredibly difficult. Even with having Duchess things are still never easy. I know I feel like I want to throw in the towel today but I know I will not.

I know today is just one of those days but some times I really would love to just have a day off. I have been pushing myself hard to work out, reduce lows, and work on overnight lows. That is a great deal to take on. The exercise thing is so much easier now but as I increase my runs that will be the challenging part for me. I am still learning how my body will handle lows that I can;t feel and running. So I will be under a great deal of pressure to figure it out quickly but I know it will be a trial and error situation. So I know the more I push myself with my exercise the more stressful things will become in the end it will all be worth the effort but on days like today it is just too much.

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