Friday, September 26, 2014

Sick Days

There is times where I am really good at noticing the little signals my body is sending me and other times not. This past week I had some odd blood sugars on Monday which I really did not think much about. I went to the gym as normal and felt really tired normally I have a great deal more energy but I still finished it up like I normally would. I woke up on Tuesday morning my throat was sore and was stuffed up. I know the pollen level for mold was high which I am allergic too. So Tuesday night I go to the store after work and get some allergy medication. I take it Tuesday night hoping I would be feeling a little better on Wednesday morning but I felt worse so I stayed home. I slept most of Wednesday and I rested all day. Duchess even cuddles close to me all day because she knew I didn't feel well. She alerted to my blood sugars which for a sick day were really not too bad. I had to use a temp basal of 30 percent all day but it seemed to help keep the highs away which is what I wanted. I went to bed on Wednesday night expecting to go to work on Thursday.

Sadly I did not sleep most of the night and not because I was not tired but because now I was starting to get a cough. I know when my lungs start to feel tight or off that I will be going to the Dr. once it gets to my lungs I go down extremely quickly so I plan on next week needing to get antibiotics most likely for the infection. I am not a hundred percent sure I have a cold but I responded to the cold medicine and not the allergy medications so I am thinking that I do have a cold and now a cough as well. So for the first time in the five and half years I worked at UT I missed two days in a row. I normally do not get sick this much but I am really realizing that using Methotrexate is really starting to affect my ability to ward off illness which is not good especially since I like to have a large amount of time of available for emergencies as well. So I am looking at how I can better avoid catching colds etc because normally I do not get sick this time of year. I know my blood sugars were a little rough yesterday for me because I was sick and I can't wait till I feel better. Thankfully Duchess has really helped me keep things in check

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