Friday, August 22, 2014

Work Changes Have Allowed Room For Personal Growth

I have so loved the many changes at work. Since their has been a great deal of upper management changes has lead to more improvements for the people in my departments. Such as this morning I went on a tour of part of campus with its history of where I work. There is great deal of historic buildings etc where I work. So I was pleased to be able to join in on a tour after being where I work after five years of being here. they plan once a quarter to have activities for the employee's which I think is wonderful. I know I like to be able to leave my desk occasionally to do activities. I know Duchess loved this mornings activities quite a bit as well. All the recent changes have really impacted my life in a great deal of ways. Like right now being able to work only during the week and not on the weekends has really improved my quality of life.

It also has allowed me the time to focus more on what I need and what improvements I need to make in my own life. Last three years I have always been so busy working overtime it felt like I had no life. So to be able to finally make enough and to finally work towards some goals I personally have. This is really amazing to me to finally be on the right track to getting some things done that I have always wanted to achieve. I have been doing really well with running on the treadmill so far and I will start running outdoors once it starts to cool down a bit at night. It is way too hot for me to run in the evening so I have to settle for the treadmill until that point. So I am making progress. I am running a little longer each day and rotating doing various machines. I know I have been working on getting more and more endurance as I go.

I am really enjoying the process so far. I am not sure if I will make it to doing a half marathon but its worth a try. I know I am extremely determined and I really stick with my exercise routines so I know I can achieve a great deal with my mindset. So now it is just making sure that I do it safely.

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