Thursday, August 28, 2014

Struggling with Stress

I have been very fortunate over the past couple of weeks for the most part to of slept well even though things are getting stressful. Right now my stress is through the roof I have been working for months to get certain required documentation turned in. I am still chasing people but getting closer to being done. So I am trying to get through this period with as little issue as possible. Stress really can cause me chaos. So I have been doing well so far but this week the night time lows are driving me insane. I have reduced the basal rates for overnight everyday this week with not real results. I even lowered some and ran temp basals at the beginning of the night. I am hoping to get this taken care of tonight so I can sleep more at night. The Dexcom is driving me crazy because alarms every 20 minutes does not equal the ability to sleep during the night. I have not really increased my workouts this week in fact last night I did my normal and still more lows. I am hoping I can get things sorted out so that this coming weekend I can sleep instead of being woken up constantly.

I know even Duchess looks really worn out because of the Dexcom going off constantly. I know that once I am through this week my stress levels should drop slightly I will be extremely busy but not as much as in the past three years. I am really hoping to avoid bad lows and such this week. I have been running a little higher in the mornings and lower in the afternoon. The hard part is that adjustments do not work well when its stress related. So I am trying my best to just get through this last push and then I will be in better place to handle all the stress I am currently struggling with.

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