Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hoping Things Have Changed

I have been getting very irritated with using my Dexcom because it has been really off at time especially the first three days of use. I know since I have been working out that my legs are becoming more muscular as I do start training for my next adventure. I knew this would start to cause issues after a couple months of exercise. The issue now is that my stomach and arms need to work for me at this point I can use my lower back, stomach and arms possibly. About 6 months ago I tried using my stomach with major issues and I hoping the past six months is enough to allow me the option of using my stomach. That is one of the few place I can use at this point.

I know with me exercising more I am relying more and more on my Dexcom just to let me know if I am moving up or down. Last night for example I was at the gym and Duchess alerts me. I check my Dexcom it says I am 127 with an arrow straight across. So I check I was 68. It took another ten minutes after I treated my low for my Dexcom to even acknowledge I was moving down. This actually is really becoming common for me the past couple of weeks. I am frustrated but I know it won't help because my own body is too blame. My body has never really loved the sensors and has always been some what off but the better shape I get the worse the results.

With my next adventure is imperative that it works efficiently for me. I know when I am running I really don't notice I am going low and in fact tend to speed up when I was going low. I know that seems strange but my body just keeps pushing forward most of the time. So I am hoping that the other sites will work better than last time I tried. I know my current sensor keeps saying I'm high when I am not and lows it is 30 minutes after I treat which is not helpful for me or my Dr. Thankfully I know if I can find a good area to use again. I like what Dexcom offers but it can be so frustrating at times when I really need it to work.

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