Friday, August 15, 2014

Exciting Times

I got a letter in the mail yesterday from my Endocrinologist office. The office is now working to make sure all patients that have been on insulin over 25 years get their medals from Lilly Journey Awards. They give a bronze medal for all type 1 Diabetics on insulin for 25 years.  A silver medal for 50 years and a gold medal for 75 years. I had never heard of the medals until I got the letter yesterday. It is nice to honor all the people who have spent so much time managing a disease that has never been easy for so many.

It is strange after opening the letter that evening then I have strange dreams afterwards. I know it was weird last night I had dreams about a really bad low where I did not have enough energy to walk to the kitchen to get juice so I crawled to the kitchen. It probably took me 20 minutes to get to the fridge and get the juice I wanted so badly. The weird part of this low is that I had stuff to treat lows in my room but I just had to have juice. I know I had juice for many years growing up to treat lows so I guess I go back there from time to time. These days unless I get the weird urge for juice I really don't use it to treat very many lows these days. I thought the timing of the dream was interesting but it also gave me a great deal to reflect back upon. A couple years ago things were much more chaotic and scary. Thankfully I am now pushing my self to run and expand my exercise further.

I know I feel like I am heading in the right direction the more I see improvements in a great deal of Diabetes related items. I actually felt a low which was strange to me it was a really light twitching but really freaked me out because I am so used to no feeling of lows at all except the occasional occurrence. I have seen my night time blood sugar start to mellow out and have less lows over night as well. I have seen increased awareness of lows earlier if I do notice them. I get a foggy thought process which I seem to clue into a times. I am hoping that my aspiration of a half marathon will only further help me to continually improve my health. 

Lilly Diabetes Journey Awards Application and Information

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