Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Struggle to Get Insulin Shipped

It seems recently that my insurance company becomes more and more difficult to deal with. I am now officially listed as having a drug allergy to Humalog which makes sense after breaking out in hives back when my issues first started. I got an exception to use Novolog which is same insulin type but different manufacturer. So I had to call into my insurance after a message was left yesterday stating they won't fill my prescription because I would be allergic to Novolog as well. I told them because they are different manufactures that I believed that is why I am able to use it as well. I know in the I can take penicilin but I am unable to Biaxin which is penicillin but causes me hives and rashes. So I figure they way drugs are processed can cause me issues. The interesting thing is that when I am on Novolog no issues which seemed to astonish the pharmacist. She that was not possible. I said it is possible and seems to be a growing issue for my body at times. I know my body does not seem to function like most Diabetics and I hear it from my Dr. frequently as well. I told the pharmacist to call my Dr. and she would go over the whole allergy issues with her but the pharmacist finally agreed to fill my prescription.

I know it has been such a struggle to even get insulin from my insurance that is not Humalog. Hoping next year when I have to file for an exception that they understand that I can't take Humalog. I find it interesting that because they bid out the drugs to companies that Humalog which is notoriously more expensive than Novolog was the choosen Insulin. I know it is very commonly used but when you are me this creates issues. Hoping from now on I can just order online and they just ship my insulin without trying to get out of covering my insulin. I swear what is the cheapest is not right for all patients and they seem to ignore that more and more frequently. I called my Dr. office they called the local CVS which they have a prescription on file with this morning asking that they fill it today because I was having issues with my mail order. The pharmacist said he would have no issues getting it filled today. They also promised no reviewing my Drug allergies again. I am not in the mood to go over it agin.


  1. Different insulins use different preservatives and inactive ingredients. The analogs are also different chemical structures from each other. You'd think a pharmacist would understand that....

    1. I knew that but the pharmacist wanted to argue with me, I know there is a certain preservative in Biaxin that sets me off. I have not been very happy since express scripts took over Medco pharmacy. They make it very difficult to get what I need at times.