Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Expected Response

I normally don't meet the people I assist where I work. So it was a nice surprise to meet one yesterday. I was in my bosses office and I had given Duchess a bone so she was at my desk eating her bone. So after a while I knew she would reappear. I always find that most people feel better if I train dogs instead of it being mine. I know the response of the contact was pretty normal. I expect it honestly. I don't want people to feel sorry for me but I just want them to understand that I am able to work because I have Duchess. My life is so much better with her because I don't have to worry about going low and not feeling it and losing hours of time. This has happened in the past. Life is also safer for example the time I had seizures at work and other moments of scary as I like to call them.

I know people tend to be surprised by how hard I work and how much I accomplish I guess because I am dealing with a disability. I think for me the most important thing is letting people know that my disability does not stop me but it just makes things more complicated. I know I wish more people understand I can do almost everything I did previously with some adjustments. I guess its hard to know that a person you assist through email and calls frequently could be disabled or have obstacles. I know every person has personal obstacles and other issues so I am no different. The only difference is that mine is noticeable where previously it was not as noticeable. So  I know when the contact asked me questions I left things very vague but said she was my medical alert dog. I said she made my life so much easier and that she keep me safe. I guess it is a lot to take in when you have an image in your head of what the person on the other line is like.

I know I am healthy, happy and very normal but have a sidekick named Duchess. I will never feel bad that I have her because she gave me my life back which is priceless.

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