Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Conversations About Diabetes

I was going to get a pedicure on Saturday. I know some people say pedicures are bad but I do check out how the tools and chairs are cleaned and so forth to make sure it is done appropriately. This place uses disposable liners on the tubs of the chairs which is quite helpful as well. So I was waiting in line and picking out my color when a man approached to ask about Duchess. I think he said it must be wonderful having a helper. I said yes it does especially with my medical conditions. He asked what conditions are meaning. I mentioned she told me when I was low or high blood sugars and also knew before I would have seizures. So he mentioned his daughter was diagnosed as an adult with Type 1. So he asked more about Duchess. I told him about what she does and how she was trained. I know he was surprised by this. He had never heard of a Diabetic Alert dog before.

I sat down to start soaking my feet for a while. Next thing I know the gentleman was seated next to me he was getting a pedicure and his wife her nails done. We talked more about the latest Diabetes related studies. He told me as a parent he worried a great deal about his daughter. I know he mentioned she had anorexia at one point. I mentioned to him that is not uncommon for a Diabetic because we count and learn so much about nutrition that you can turn this information in you worst enemy of sorts. I know I had exercise anorexia. I would eat very little but would become overly obsessed with exercise. I know he mentioned that his daughter did much the same as me. I would exercise several times a day for several hours a day. Exercise is good but in moderation normally. So I do have to watch myself closely with going back to the gym regularly now.

Then we talked about CGM's and Insulin pumps. The interesting thing is that my person giving me a pedicure was a type 2 diabetic. So the conversation was all Diabetes. The man had never seen an insulin pump or CGM before. He thought pumps were in the body but I explained how it actually works. We talked about the Bionic Pancreas study and the latest study about encapsulated insulin cells. He said he had never learned so much. His daughter used shots but loved running so I was explaining how beneficial an insulin pump can be during events like these. I mentioned I am aiming to run a half marathon. I think he was surprised but impressed I was willing to work that hard. It was such a nice discussion between parents, type 1 and a type 2 diabetic. We all are waiting for the same thing a cure or better treatment options. I know it affects everyone in a family. I know it really does help when you have supportive members of your family being your cheer leading session. I also shared with them about the Diabetic online community as well.

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