Thursday, August 7, 2014

This Is My Life

I had dinner last night with a friend who was the one who took me to the ER that Saturday at the movie night. It can be overwhelming for me to have to review what happened but also to see who responded and who choose to just leave. I know my friend needed help to get me out to the car and into the ER but only one or two offered to help. I know I followed instructions as I was given which is not unusual for me during a bad low. My friend said since she had not seen as much of me she was a little foggy on what to do. I know I have written instructions for at work but not in my purse. I know she had wish she had know that the glucagon was in my purse normally. She said she would have used it to treat the low and once I was able to come to she would have taken me to a restaurant nearby that offered gluten free food until I had my blood sugar level instead of the ER. I know hindsight is always twenty twenty. Thankfully my friend is calm during emergencies. So this was not very difficult but for the other person who was their they were freaking out the whole time.

I know it is so hard to know that your Diabetes was the cause of all the commotion and that you are putting friends through a great deal. I will always feel so guilty for what has happened for a great deal of time afterwards. I think I always will but I also wish that I did not need to constantly apologize when I am doing the best I can with where I am at. I guess I will work on instructions in case something happens. I showed my friend my Glucagon kit in my purse last night. She said she remembers it from that night. I am sure she feels bad not knowing but honestly I hope most of my friends never have to deal with this kind of situation with me but the booklet I will put in my purse could help in a situation like that Saturday night. I also showed her how the glucagon works and that there is also a phone app as well in case you forget. I know most people love the pictures in the glucagon when emergencies arise. I feel really bad but I don't feel like I need to apologize for my Diabetes this is sadly a part of my life weather I like it or not.

So I am going to work with my friend on this creation which I will also have at work as well. Always good to have numerous instructions people can choose from. It was good to reveiw things with my friends but it also reveals the moments of scary that I experience. It also gives them a inside look into how complicated my life is at times and how fast things can change.

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