Thursday, August 21, 2014

Face Book Post

I was viewing a friends Face Book status and they posted the 7 Cardinal Rules For Life.
I was reading through it and found some of the things I was doing that I should not be. One of the one's I have the most issue with is the first one. I let my past ruin things in a great deal of ways. Such as I know I have complications and will forever be judged for it even though I did the best I can. So I just need to remind myself I did the best I could at the time. I know I have made a great deal of mistakes and I know I need to forgive myself for them. The weird thing is that I can forgive others for their mistakes but my personal mistakes I seem to really struggle with. I know in the grand scheme of things doing things like not forgiving yourself for a really bad Diabetes day of highs when I know full well there are so many factors that can affect your blood sugars it is not fair to be so hard on myself at times. I know we all have bad days.

I also know I care way too much about what people think of me or how they view me. I know because I have Duchess this is more of an issue now because she tends to attract a great deal of attention. I am a very shy person who is very private person who honestly take a while to get to know. So to deal with all this attention on interactions with not always the best people. I know recent experience at the grocery store. Do you know your service dog hates her job she has her tail tucked. I told the lady she loves her job but she hates the grocery store because people run there carts into her or she gets hit by young children on occasion. So I know after those experiences how much would you enjoy going to the grocery stores. I really don't enjoy going to the grocery store either. I hear so many negative things from others it can really interfere with you being happy. I know if I don't like where a conversation is going with a stranger I keep on walking. Who needs more negativity or bad attitudes from strangers. I know I don't. I am doing less interacting when at all possible in general because it makes it easier for me to feel like I am normal like everyone else.

I know I also over think a great deal of things at work and in life in general. I know I torture myself way too much worrying and trying solve every issue. I have made some progress on that recently in when I had my  bad low and I did not continually go over and over the incident in my head. It was quite refreshing to just move on from it. I know I am working on these things because I know in the long run it will be better for me. I am such a type A personality it can be hard to change some of these things but I know it is possible. I also know that now I get more time for myself I am now able to spend more time working on things in my life. I know I need to let go of some bad patterns because I work incredibly hard right now at my job, my diabetes, and new adventures which takes a great deal of patience and focus. Hoping to improve my life one step at a time.

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