Thursday, August 14, 2014

Finally Settling Down

I am finally seeing a major shift back to more stable blood sugars. The affects of the predisone seems to be dwindling as time goes on. I can now bolus again from my pump for meals and not inject manually the dosage and if under a unit use my pump. I really missed being able to just dial it in over the past couple of months. I have also seen at night where my blood sugars are not up and down all night but instead is very level like 85 all night which is what I used to see all time. While I was on predisone I was seeing a surge up and then a large drop twice a night. Other times I was running in the 140's all night which is not terrible.

I know Duchess is now alerting less during the day which is a really nice break for her. She was really looking tired after several month of predisone. The affects of predisone were not fun but I do feel blessed that I was able to start exercising again sooner because I was able to feel better. I know my exercise in a great deal of ways helps me to be more focused and also reduce my stress. Which is difficult because work in general where I work is incredibly stressful.

So glad to see things calming down again and hopefully continued success with  less lows. Right now I am having very few lows and even during exercise I have gotten more successful with avoid lows most of the time. That is a huge accomplishment for me. The longer I do it the more creative I get and the better it seems to work. I know I can't always do the same things as others but I know I am getting their.

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