Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Continued Improvements

Yesterday was a busy day at the office. We added new members to our team which will be assisting our department. I know this will hopefully help to keep the overtime like it currently is where I am working around 12-14 hours a week which is not bad. I know after many years of working six or seven days a week this is a much needed change. I know Duchess is much happier with this change as well because I know the moments of scary really affect her a great deal. So me being seizure free and not as bad period of constant lows has left me feeling a great deal better.

I have not had issues making it to wok on time because I am not having as many lows. I am not sure if that is because I am exercising or I am just getting better at adjustments or changes that need to be done to avoid the really bad stuff. I know this year has been much better so far than the past two years so I am beyond pleased and I know If I keep working at things I am hoping to avoid as really bad lows as possible but I know it is not fully possible to avoid all bad lows. So I am hoping with the changes at work I will have more time for me and for Duchess because honestly it can makes things miserable if you are working too much.

I have also noticed recently that I am doing better with my recovery from lows it has dropped dramatically the time it takes me to recover especially when I am at work. I know when I first started back to work I struggled greatly of after treating lows to get my body to stay in normal range. Thankfully I have been able to avoid that most days and have found that if I keep working things are continually improving.

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