Friday, January 31, 2014

Not Feeling Positive

I guess I have learned so many things about myself and about the world around me. I know many of my experiences have been incredibly positive and others have been incredibly difficult. I know my experience at work both times I have worked at the University have been negative. They get in this mode where getting some one who does not have a disability would be easier for the department. The interesting part is that I miss less days than all my coworkers, supervisors and managers. I find that interesting but I get not credit for missing very few days working overtime or making up all time I take to go to Dr. appointments. I always thought that having Duchess would be better accepted and most people would understand why I needed  her. I know since it has been a while since I have had a bad low at work most people I think now doubt why I need her. I really wish people would stay out of my way and leave us alone. I am just a normal person trying to live the best life I can without others trying to make things more difficult for Duchess and I.

I have given up on my work being a postie experience especially after all of the complaints about pretty much anything Duchess does even thought it has not impact on the other person. I know with my wall now the complaints have stopped for the most part but sadly my own department is the one being difficult. I know I am running into so many issues I am keeping logs and journals of incidents to keep myself safe. It really makes me sad how badly a disabled individual can be treated when all they are doing is trying to earn an income like everyone else. I am pursing some solutions to these issues but most of them are long term solutions which are not easy. I work so hard and spend so much of my year working way too many hours to be dealing with this issue now. I am hoping to put all these issue to rest for a while with some up coming actions on my part. Hoping for a resolution with cooperation on both sides would make things much easier but I know it does not always go that way.

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