Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not Sure What To Do

I know since I came back from college back to the working world I had to relearn my boundaries and what was too much. I never used to have such boundaries in the past I could work as much as I wanted too and not really have much issues. I did have some before I left for college but I don't think I realized how important figuring out what was too much for me to handle. When things get to be too much I normally have bad lows or seizures. I am always trying to protect myself as much as possible and reduce those scary events. I know recently my work decided that several parts of my job needs weekly deadlines or tracking on how long it takes to process the items. The new goal on several items I do audits for is now 24 hours total turn around time no matter how many documents get turned in. The other day I had 22 show up and was unable to process them all that quickly and I have concerns with my ability to process things like a machine. I have so many parts of my jobs that it can be difficult to manage it all. I am concerned that this new demand will take its toll on me.

I think at this point I need to go to the disabilities office because I work overtime frequently and accommodate my departments requests. I do feel that their expectations are unrealistic because it does not take into account all of the deadlines I have weekly with my work. I know they are continually putting time limits on items that makes things very stressful. I am not really sure what too do because I feel like they are hoping I will leave my current job with the University. I have no plans on leaving but I will need to do something because things keeps getting out of hand and they try and make my already difficult life more troublesome. I know I do got to the Dr.'s appointments frequently but I make up all my time and I at the end of the day do a great job but I know having Duchess tends to create more issues even though she is not doing anything wrong. I know having Duchess would be difficult in an office because of all the types of individuals but I never dreamed it would be full of so many obstacles to me being able to do my job.

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