Friday, January 17, 2014

Low Blood Sugars and Meetings

I know normally Duchess is a more calm relaxed dog most of the time. Recently she had days where she is overly hyper about a blood sugar that is moving really slowly down. I do test but I won't treat until it is lower. Recently she has been alerting sometimes and 1 1/2 early which does help. I do have an issue when she whine and whines when I am in a meeting. Especially since my blood sugar is normal at the time. I do give her a treat for an early alert but will not treat until it is closer to slightly above low. So I do sometimes treat early if necessary but when I am 120 to 125 I am not usually going to treat until I start to see it dropping. I don't doubt Duchess but there times where I have to wait.

I know Duchess does not understand me waiting which only gets her more antsy or hyped up. Which is less than ideal thankfully she will listen to cues to wait. She does like this morning make it hard because she is really restless and I keep having to put her back in a down stay. If my blood sugars are normal she normally will stay in a down stay but if she believe I am moving high or low she will break the down stay. I appreciate all her efforts but during a meeting this is really less than ideal especially since I was 109 at the time. I did eventually move down to around 82 and I treated the blood sugar at that point. I do treat lows differently than some because I am unable to feel them. So I feel comfortable treating anything in the 80's or below or slightly above. I know Duchess is doing her job but at times it can be frustrating when the blood sugar is slow moving and she is way too restless.

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