Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lessons Relearned Again

I learned a lesson or a great reminder in many ways over my vacation. I was their during my friends birthday so we were going to go out with some of their friends I knew for lunch. I am gluten free now for over three years. So going out can have its challenges especially since most places think a great gluten free menu is a salad and very little carbs. I know I am really sensitive with the amount of food I need to eat at times. That day was a busy day of shopping and doing fun activities. My friend knows what I like to eat being gluten free but did not mention to me that his friend is the one who was checking out the menus for lunch. The place we went only had gluten free menu which consisted of a salad and gluten free dressing options. So I did the best with what I had. I ate the salad and added chicken to add more protein on to help keep more level. I always carry a Kind bar or a gluten free granola bar for just this reason. The problem with the bar is that it is only 22 grams of carbohydrate. Which is not really enough. I knew we were going shopping after lunch and that I only had one glass of wine so I thought I would be okay until we had dinner that night.

So we went shopping and had a good lunch and then headed back to my friends house. I was doing pretty well blood sugar wise and was not really hungry at that time. I know then my friend mentioned he wanted to go to a later dinner because he was feeling rather full from the burger and fries they ate. Then my Dexcom comes up as failed sensor so I thought it should not affect anything. My previous sensor failed as well so I had already called and the sensor would be in the next day. So I was not happy about it but I would get through the small time frame. I know my friend and I were talking with their mother who had come over about some new property she had purchased. She was going into more detail and that is the last thing I remember. I remember things seemed fuzzy because they had to use a glucagon injection they tried to get me to eat or drink but I would cooperate. So they just game me the glucagon injection which makes sense. I know I should have eaten more that night but the plans changed from a 6pm dinner to around 8:30pm and I was not really in the know until almost 7pm that we would be leaving soon. I feel really silly because I should have eaten a snack to hold me over but the really odd thing I was really not hungry at all. So I think I thought I was okay.

I feel really bad because we did not make it to dinner that night but instead ended up eating pizza at my friends house. They were really understanding but I also learned I need to be very involved in the selection of restaurants in the future the salad incident is a great reminder of why I need to be very careful on relying on a salad to hold me over. I know when we are busy it can be so easy to get caught up in things and not realize the danger like I did in this situation. I know the longer I have Hypoglycemia Unawareness the more it seems to affect everything. I am next time I will pick a better choice of a restaurant for lunch but what a great reminder for me to be a bit more careful when I am on vacation. Thankfully I was able to come out of the low quickly and still managed to be social with my friend.

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