Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Workplace Struggles

I have been thinking a great deal about some things I found out at my office recently. I guess there has been complaints about my accommodations for my diabetes and for Duchess. I know for some people it may look like I get to have all these great exceptions or alternatives but what they don't seem to get is that I need these accommodations so I can properly do my job and take care of myself. I guess because I have not had a seizure at work in quite a while I guess they assume everything is fine but I still struggle with lows and still have issues with lows especially around the time I am supposed to be at work getting ready for work but thankfully I have made some headway with the lows but it seems to be a constant battle in my life. I was a little angry because I would do anything to have things like they used to be where I could feel my lows and had more normal blood sugars instead of the constant lows.

I was really shocked by the response to my accommodations and real lack of understand what it might be like to walk a mile in my shoes. I know if they experience what being a Diabetic is like they would never complain about my accommodations. I am really tired in many ways of the complaints about me or Duchess people watch Duchess and I constantly. I am not sure why but they always seem to want to know what I am doing or why I am off from work. I know my own office makes things so much more difficult for me because they convince others that I have no reason for an accommodation. I know my boss would disagree after going to the hospital after my one seizure at work. I have learned a great deal about how easily others think Diabetes can be managed and they don't understand why I can't give the perfect dose of insulin at all times. I know ignorance is bliss for a great deal but I never expected such great disregard for another person struggles. I am hoping that with continued education things will be understood but maybe not.


  1. Tarra, so sorry about your work ickies, have you talked to anyone at the eeoc? a fellow T1 friend with a DAD has actually TALKED to someone there and she found them helpful.

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    2. I should contact them because I think my work in general has crossed so many laws. I know my Department directly has not issue with my accommodations but just others in the office do.