Thursday, January 23, 2014

Growing Frustration Over Blood Sugars

I know this past week has really been a struggle. Everything I seem to have tried to keep lows or highs at bay is not working or works against me. Such as trying to get my blood sugar up with a temp basal has been equaling a high or trying to get a high down using my pump has equaled some lows. I am trying to adjust my pump settings to reflect the recent changes but at times this kind of week drives me crazy. I feel like trying to correct something ends up being a bigger mess to deal with so now I am doing nothing and hoping that works because everything I have tried recently that worked in the past is not working right now. It could be a fluke or something is generally off but I am not having any luck this week.

I guess the past couple of weeks I have been able to solve most issues with some effort but now it does not seem to be helping. I am frustrated and going to my Endocrinologist next week is really the last thing i want to deal with as well. My work has been incredibly frustrating as well but I have not been that stressed so I don't really think that is making an impact but I am looking at everything possible to get myself back to where I was before with more stable blood sugars. I guess this is where I am at currently but I always expect so much more. I am not giving up but just maybe taking a step back to reevaluate where I am at. I know my Dr. will help but most of the time I like to be able to solve the issues myself.

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