Monday, January 20, 2014

Up and Down

I have spent the last weekend flopping around blood sugar wise. I try to get my blood sugars up with a short temp basal but end up high. I try to use a couple pieces of candies to bring up blood sugars above a hundred end up in the 180's. I have been flying up or down pretty quickly which has made this past weekend incredibly frustrating. I have been trying to not use temp basals and try other things but I have to have my CGM out to view very closely after eating to when low. The CGM has also been staying lower when I have moved up or when I am moving lower it has been off by quite a bit. The good news it that my overnights have very few lows after redoing my plan for nights. I am really aiming for an overnight blood sugar around 120-130 overnight and I have been able to do that and with very few lows.

So now I am trying to reduce some of my daytime lows but recently my daily blood sugars are varying so much I feel like I have to spend every night reviewing what is going on. I have been adjusting basals as I go but the next day I maybe experiencing the complete opposite so most of the time I feel like it is my best guess. I am hoping things will be calming down soon. I am incredibly thankful that my overnight lows or highs have calmed down and I am sleeping a great deal more. I am hoping to have a plan for the crazy day blood sugars or at least things that will work to get things back to normal soon. I know Duchess would appreciate that as well. I know she has spent a great deal of time working and thankfully she has today off as well to relax a little more before heading back to work on Tuesday.

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