Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Time to Change My Alert Again

I think Duchess are at the point again where I need to figure out a new alert because she is not liking her other options but this is nothing new because I find every couple of years she likes to have a new alert. I am trying to get her to do her alerts with a bringsel instead of whining or making noises it is much quieter if she uses the bringsel. I also find if a situation happens on the bus or at work when she alerts using the bringsel it is more clear to others as well that I am low. I like to make the process as easy for my coworkers as possible. The sooner people realize I might need help the better. I know in the past this has proven to be true for me. So I need to come up with another option she does not seem to want to lick my hand or paw me as much recently so I will have to come up with another alternative alert. I always have several alerts she can do to prevent boredom of using the same alert over and over again. I know when I first go her I never thought I would need to change up her alerts every once in a while but Duchess seems to need this change to make her work for interesting to her.

Duchess has always needed a great deal of new things to learn. She excels at learning new tasks so teaching a new alert is very simple but needs to be done over several days to cement the new alert. She does like have a new alert it seems to make her have a new enthusiasm about her job. I think that is why recently she has seemed different after returning from vacation. I think she in her own way was trying to tell me that we need to change her alerts around again. Sometimes she wants to do a new alert for a short period of time but others she will use frequently. I know at home she does use her bringsel alert or a lick sometimes paw. I know when we are out and about she will use a wide array of alerts depending upon what we are doing. So now I need to find another option that will work for except for whining. I like to have quite alerts because I do work in an office even though her whines are quite they still drive me crazy. So I am trying to figure out a new way of alerting but I am sure I will come up with some soon.

Bringsel Alert

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