Thursday, January 30, 2014

Increasing Workplace Issues

I went to a meeting last week and I new who was attending the meeting. I had not meet my manager's new manager. She had come around on a day I was teaching a class for my department to meet everyone. I know my manager was really excited about some upcoming changes for the department. Our previous manager was not helpful and was not willing to really change anything or improve any aspects of the department. The previous one was not very good in many aspects especially the looks that manager used to give me. I would run into her in the bathroom and she would look at me with pity and resentment. She did not get why I had Duchess or seem to care but was not happy I worked in the department. I finally meet my new one and she had a very similar look when I walked in the room with my supervisor and my manger. She never said hello or even introduced herself. I know when I meet her in the meeting she seemed much more friendly than the previous but the look she gave me was not welcoming at all.

I know recently my job has been given all these deadlines constantly because I think they want me to quite because they would rather not deal with someone who is disabled. I have been through this before at UT but this time I am not quitting and accommodating their requests. Last time they broke the law and I won't stand for this to happen again. I really don't understand why they think it is so difficult to have me in the department when I show up on a snow/ice day and no one else made it. I also make up all time from Dr's appointments and I also work a great deal of over time. I also at the end of the day get the job done. I know my coworker does not even do his work but they want to get rid of me. I am just frustrated by all these changes which my manager and her manager think our wonderful but very unrealistic expectations. They now have deadlines for every aspect of my job and previously I had no real deadlines. Some I have less than a 24 hour turn around time not matter how many of them show up in one day. I know I talked with my Endocrinologist who wants me to get more disability accomidations to avoid any future seizures due to stress. I am not able to handle many of the things I used to make look easy. Now I need to be realistic that I may need help to be able to do my job properly.

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