Thursday, January 16, 2014

Not Sure What Is The Cause

What an alert should look like
I have a some what lazy dog on my hands. I know my recent two week vacation is some what to blame as well. The past couple of days Duchess will be laying on her dog cot and start whining at me that my blood sugar is off. Normally she is sleeping and does not want to get up. So I have been making her do her Bringsel alert where she brings me the fabric piece to me and sits down with it as her alert. Honestly I despise whining because honestly it drives me crazy. I know Duchess has figured that out but she also knows that when she is alerting she needs to get up and alert not stay laying down. I am not sure if she is bored or just was really comfortable but I need her to stick with the trained alerts because it also makes it easier for me to know that yes something is off. She will tell me if I ask if I am moving up or down which is helpful as well but it is difficult for her to do if she is laying down.

I know during vacation things were very lax but she still did her standard alerting style and followed through with her alerts as expected. I know we still worked on training practice and scent work. So she was not allowed to not work on things but I never thought she would go through a period of being bored or wanting to just rest. I know we have been so busy since we got back home after Christmas but I did not expect her to get some what lazy with her alerts. Thankfully she is responding to my requests to do a proper alert and hopefully she will get back to her normal routine soon and drop the whining.  I know she was trained well on how I want her to alert but at least she is not missing alerts which is wonderful.

Duchess on her Dog Cot

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