Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thinking about Safety

After yesterdays Icy day in Austin I have made some very important decisions for future events like these. I am responsible for Duchess's safety as well as my own. I went to work because work was not canceled but as I kept reading reports on my phone they were averaging 40 car accidents an hour and the freeways were parking lots. So my personal safety and Duchess was in jeopardy in some ways. They had tried to put down sand and products to deal with the ice on the stairs. There was still some slick spots and if something happened to Duchess and I there would be little help available. If Duchess fell on the way into work I would little options variable to get her help or to a vet for appropriate care. The roads were incredibly bad and it was incredibly cold nothing like what has been like for the northern states. People in general in Austin have not ability to handle ice or snow. I do not drive because I watch people make mistake after mistake when driving in these conditions. I know the state does not have much budget set up for these events. So any ice can become dangerous very quickly.

I have decided that next time even if work is open I will make my own personal decision about my safety regardless of what my work decides. They are not going to pay for the bill if I slip and fall on the ice or Duchess does so I feel I have the right to decide for myself if I feel safe enough to come in or not. Next time I can see ice sitting on my car and all over the road I am staying home where it warm and safe. I don't need to get stuck waiting in the cold for a bus or trying to get to work to only find out two or three hours later they have decided to close. I am making these decisions because at the end of the day the only one looking out for my own safety is me and I have to make those decisions for Duchess as well. I failed miserably in handling the ice and the snow but next time I know what I will be doing.

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