Monday, January 27, 2014

Feeling Frustrated about Up Coming Dr. Appointment

I woke up this morning feeling okay that yes my Dr. appointment is coming up and the fact that yes my blood sugars are not where I want them. I am not a failure because they are not where I want quite the opposite because sometimes to find a solution sometimes it takes several tries to get things right. I am continually working on the issue and I am sure I will find something that will work out for me. My blood sugars are not terrible and some people would look at me like I am crazy because they would think I was doing well but I guess my expectations of me have always been quite high which is not always the best thing. I am proud that I don't give up but keep on going till an answer is found. I know the frustration level has been high and I am always working on ways to prevent overload as much as possible. I know my job is on overload most of the time so adding more to it is never good.

Going into my Dr appointment I know I need to keep working but I am not going to be mad at myself because I am doing the best I can. I know my Dr. will be understanding because the know how hard I work to keep myself in control but even after 33 years of type 1 there is defiantly times I need another set of eyes to look at things. I know it can be very easy for me to overlook things or not see a solution because I am used to trying things in a different manner. I know with Hypoglycemia Unawareness that things have never been easy most of the time to get the right pump settings and it seems like things change pretty dramatically most of the time. I know at times I wish I had more time to make the changes but most of the time I use what information I have to make these decisions. I am all prepared for my appointment I have all my refills I need written down, all questions I need to ask and my logs from my pump and Dexcom. I am physically ready at least.


  1. Any doctor should be appreciative of your hard work in dealing with your diabetes and also how "prepared" you are for your appointments. Their job is to help you and give you advice, so good thing you'll be giving your doctor a chance to earn his/her money. Hopefully you'll get some helpful suggestions. Unfortunately Type 1 is just not easy....

    1. I know they should but I guess bad experiences previously can affect how you feel going into a Dr appointment even if you are doing well. It is true the Dr. needs to earn his money. I could not agree more that it is not easy but I know how easily the Dr.'s at times seem to think it is.