Monday, January 13, 2014

Test Drives

I have to give Duchess a lot of credit. I have been so busy car shopping and just searching for cars. I try my best to balance things like play and activities so that she can have fun too. I know recently the balance has been a little off because I am trying to purchase a vehicle. I try to make things as fun as possible but I am not sure how you can make car shopping for a service dog fun. I have to admit the dealership I am currently dealing with has been wonderful. When I meet the salesman he told me that they had not problems with Duchess riding in the vehicle with me. The dealerships seems to understand that I have a need to have her with me which is wonderful. I was at another dealership Round Rock Honda and they would not allow me to take Duchess on the test drive. Which is illegal but I just wanted to drive the car after driving across my town just to get to the car dealership. I was really unhappy about the situation and thankfully my roommate was there and was able to keep Duchess while I did a test drive. I never really knew what to expect when I went to go test drive a vehicle for the first time with Duchess.

I have learned that some are more than willing to just put plastic sheet on the back seat and call it good. I know I really appreciate this current dealership I have been dealing with. They have done a wonderful job of accommodating my need to have Duchess with me. I know the dealership has not been high pressure and they are letting me go at my own pace. I know when I don't feel pressured that tends to make the process much easier for me. I know I most likely will end up purchasing from this dealership because they not only worked with me on the price but overall meet all my needs as far as pre-purchase inspection which I need before I purchase any vehicle. Thankfully my blood sugars have been good and seems to be cooperating so far through the car shopping experience. I am hopping to be done with the car buying process soon. It can be stressful but thankfully I am doing pretty well so far not that I found a good dealership.


  1. Do business with the dealership and screw the others.

  2. I just purchased the car I wanted and it was the best car buying experience I have ever had. I would recommend him to my friends looking for vehicles because he was so laid back but takes care of things quickly.