Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Proud of Duchess During Recent Experience

I was really so proud of Duchess during the whole car buying process. She was very patient. She listened to her commands and was very accepting of the whole environment. She was very poised and very professional in her demeanor. She has been very good about all the research I have been doing related to the car search. I know I have been playing with her through out the process but some days there was not as much play as she is used to. I know her job is never easy and I appreciate the fact that is very flexible in many ways. I know the whole process was stressful for her and me in many ways but thankfully it is no over and we can get back to our normal routine which will be good for both of us.

I know this experience taught me some things such as at times it is okay that my blood sugars were a little wonky because of the stress and I can only do my best with what information I had. I know for the most part my blood sugars were not too bad but they were moving around much quicker than I am used to seeing which I know is probably related to the stress and overall experience I was having. The end of the car buying experience we by quickly and let me relax knowing that I got a decent deal. All my research seemed to pay off in my mind because I was able to get what I needed with very little issues or conflicts.

I do really appreciate the moments where my blood sugars are more normal and not moving around as quickly. I know stress does affect me more than I like to admit but this overall was not too bad and I was able to handle whatever came at me. I know I was able to relax during some parts of the process and that relaxing as I could seemed to reduce the stress levels which is what I needed. I know yesterday was a very good day but the blood sugars were really wonky late last night into this morning. I can't wait for my blood sugars to get back to normal. Thankfully I am almost there.

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