Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Disability Office Meeting

I am meeting with my disability office today about my accommodations. I am not sure how this appointment is going to go today. I know I have had previously bad experiences with this department when dealing with my department. So I know I need to get my accommodations in writing but overall this process is such a pain. I know I will have review the events and go from there. I know my manager will have to meet up with me at the office of the disability office to see if they will agree to the accommodations and most of the time they don't once they are in writing most people are not willing to agree even though they were previously allowing these accommodations which I find funny. I know they have not option at this point to discuss Duchess she was approved for my accommodation before I started at the university.  So she is off the table for discussion in this meeting and all I need to worry about is what I currently have as an accommodation. I know they try to work with me currently but I have a feeling once it is in writing they will like my last department try to fight me on my needed accommodations which for me are not really optional. My last department would not allow me to go to Dr. appointments but only one a month even if I needed more.

I have to get my eyes checked by the Retina Specialist every three months and Endocrinologist appointment every three month as well. There is other appointments for annual exams and physicals which I do go for. I am worried about having to fight for my rights to go to appointments that I need to keep healthy. I know this time I am aware of options and my rights so I know how to fight these issues. I am just tired of all the fighting for something I think should not be an issue. I guess I will see but I know during a recent discussion my boss only wanted me to request a few accommodations but I will be laying it all out to make sure I get what I need otherwise I will end up in a bad spot. I am considering moving to another department within the university because of the issues with increasing pressure. My boss seems to think that the deadlines should be easy to handle and that she is not to blame. I am not convinced and think they are being unrealistic and this kind of 24 hour deadline for items coming in created undue pressure and issues for me. I know I always work very efficiently but I am not going to be able to handle this situation in the manner they need. I don't want this deadline to determine if I get a raise or not if I have one that was not finished in the 24hours. They rarely give raises so I want to get one anytime they have the opportunity to get one.

I know after the initial discussion with my boss I feel very resentful and have not interest in doing more for my department. If they asked for over time the answer would be no at this point. I feel like they are making things more difficult because they want things processed at an unrealistic speed.

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