Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Looking For Some Reality

I have been working on finding a good spot on my leg for my Dexcom but the readings are even more crazy than in my arm were when I knew I needed to rotate to a new area. The Dexcom at times will show it is rising quickly but it is really not and then it show a drop extremely slowly when i am dropping quickly. The Dexcom will know I am low about 30 minutes after I had treated which is not helpful. So I am trying to find a good spot on my legs but I have not found it yet. I loved when I was using my stomach but then I kept having false readings all night after a while. Then I tried my arms but that is no longer working. I feel like I am running out of real estate and that is not a good position especially when I need night alerts of lows or highs. I really wish they made sensors that were accurate because I have never really experience much time of them being very close to accurate. Currently a portion of the time it is but most of the time it is off. That makes using the graphs a great deal more difficult especially when it shows false readings but thankfully when I input my blood sugars it does show up on the graph otherwise my Dr. would probably be asking why the drastic changes.

I wish I had the results others seem to get where it is right on most of the time. I feel lucky if it even stays close half the time. I guess sensors and I will not really ever get along. I know technology can be great for some but for others like me I just don't get the results I want. I again think the artificial pancreas will not work for me because getting an accurate sensor does not seem to be working out. I know the system works off the sensors but I think we need some drastic changes before I would ever even want to try one.

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