Thursday, February 27, 2014

Long Term Issues With Stress

Everything has been so stressful recently because I feel like I work on pins and needles these days. This seems to be causing these soaring highs and fast drops neither which are ideal. That is why looking for a better job is in the works. I am seeing where I drop then am rebounding hours later. The interesting things is that these rebounds are averaging 8 hours after the low and not all lows are causing the rebounds. I feel like I am in a diabetic ping pong game recently that I really want off of. I know a great deal of the weird issues are caused by stress and they get more complicated the longer I stay in the extremely stressful environment. I know I need a change and I am working on it now. I know just knowing I am working on it in many ways makes things seem better. I know I am even looking at jobs outside of Texas because a change of scenery would not be bad either. I am looking at some really interesting jobs and I found one that is sort of a dream job and I am applying once I do a final tweak on my resume this weekend. I know even Duchess seems very affected by all the stress because she knows when I am stressed. Duchess needs to be addressed as well as mine because we are partners in the Diabetes aspects and she is the one alerting

I know I need a change when I have a hard time attempting to do a fake smile when I see my boss anymore. I usually am a happy go lucky person but that is gone completely and my life is not as happy currently. Hoping the possibility of a new job will make things better in general. I know I need to give Duchess and I a brake from all the conflict we have faced working at the University. I know I am tired recently because after a while it all takes a toll on your body and your mind. I am really upset how much trouble it has created blood sugar wise as well but hopefully I can solve this issue soon by getting a new job.

I know that I need to work on my blood sugars till I resolve all the current issues but the issues is that once I solve one another couple pop up. There is not much pattern and it becomes incredibly frustrating especially adding it too a great deal of stress. I am using all the tools I have to help such as Duchess, Dexcom and Pump. 

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