Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Procedure Was a Great Reminder

I went to a Dr. appointment yesterday to remove a mole that had grown over the past year and I wanted as a precaution to get the mole removed. I really do feel better now that it is gone. During the procedure they give two injections adrenaline and lidocaine which is the normal procedure. Duchess was laying below the table I was laying on. When the Dr. started to inject the Lidocaine she was crying the whole time and when the adrenaline was injected as well. I know she is not a fan of times when I have procedures because she really worries about my safety. She really likes my Dr. so that does help. She was really on edge the whole procedure letting out a crying sound and I find it better to let her express her emotions and concerns during these moments. I think she has a right to express how she is feeling and I will never try to quite her because I am her partner and her whole world revolves around our relationship. I know some may disagree with this but I do what is best for my overly sensitive service dog who loves me beyond belief. She handled the procedure well but I find it takes it toll on her emotionally. I know when we got in the car for the ride home she was out pretty quickly.

She is my little sponge and she picks up on so many things in her environment. The really interesting thing is that I was not nervous but she still was very concerned. I know she could not see up on the table but she some how knew when they were injecting or removing the mole. I am not sure how she knew but she was aware. I know after they finished the procedure the nurse came back in to bandage the up the stitches and the wound. Duchess was still not very happy. I know when the nurse finished I was going to get up and get dressed but Duchess jumped up on the table to sit next to me and cuddled up next to me. She was so very sweet. I think she thought I must have been in pain. I laid with her for a minute or two then got up and left for home. Duchess really amazes me at times with her perceptiveness and concern. I know she loves so incredibly much and wants nothing but the best for me. I am very blessed to have her in my life.

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