Thursday, February 6, 2014

Great News About my Eye's

I went to my Retina Specialist today for my 3 month follow up. My appointment went very well. My vision was 20/20 in both eyes which is wonderful. I am pleased that all my efforts have paid off in the long run. I found out that now because my eyes have continually improved I now will only get checked every 6 months  instead of every three months. I know when my troubles with my eyes started I was going at least twice a month.. Then I moved to once a month then recently to every three months. I know I am not going to miss having my eyes dilated so often and I am hoping that with my continued work I will have to go less often in the future as well.

I know the Dr. said today that this is the best he has seen my eyes during the whole time I have been his patient. So things seem to be stabilizing and in general less issues. I know there was no signs of bleeds in the past three months which is great because I have not had my eyes lasered or injections done. So this is really exciting news. I know so far I have not really experienced loss of vision except for at night. When you have your eyes lasered you tend to lose your night vision. Thankfully it is not terrible but I can have issues at night. So overall things are pretty good with my Diabetic Retinopathy. It seems like things will continue to be that way just as long as I continue to keep my blood sugars in my normal range.


  1. Great news. It sounds as though your hard work has paid off. Plus you must have a great eye specialist. It's always nice to hear good news.

    1. Thanks Laddie. I know I was very excited. My Dr. has been great and was recently honored at the top Retina Specialist in the area. So I am in good hands.

  2. great news! thanks for sharing :)