Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thankful For Recent Events

I am so thankful in some ways for the recent events at work because I now have FML for my Diabetes which is extra protection for me. I especially thankful because my coworker gave notice and now they can't expect me to cover his duties as well as mine which is good. I know it will still be stressful but at least they can't expect me to do more than I physically can. I know they will expect me to train the new person and still juggle all my work duties as well and I feel like is not fair either. At this point I am sure they will in some ways try to get me to do some of his job but now I have grounds to say no because of my accommodations. I am thankful that he is leaving because my coworker has not been doing his job much over the past 5 months. So seeing him leave in the long run will be better for me. I am constantly doing portions of his work because the people he deals with will call me for help. I know I just have to get through the next couple of months which won't be easy but at least the previous circumstances with my job is now in many ways protecting me.

I know the longer I deal with the disability issues the more I realize I need to protect myself very well. I know during my recent with the disability coordinator on campus made a disturbing comment about the disabled on campus. Most are struggling with the ability to keep up with the increasing workload like I am in many ways. There is a big push to get rid of many of the disabled workers at UT from what I have seen. The past couple of years they try anything to get a disabled employee to quite. I find it interesting that I have a better attendance record than the people who are not disabled. I am going to continue to document all the issues at work in my log and continue to document any issues that may arise as well. I need to work very hard to keep myself protected at work. I never dreamed my job would become so very complicated because I needed accomidations.

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