Monday, February 17, 2014

Had an Interesting Meet up.

I was out last week at the bus stop. There was a blind man waiting for a bus as well. He overheard a conversation with a woman about Duchess. He cam over and introduced himself and said I don't usually get to meet very many people who are blind. I told him that Duchess was my medical alert dog and told him about her job. I know he was surprised he had never heard of DAD before so we were discussing a little more about what Duchess does for me. We both are State workers so we were discussing issues at our jobs because recently issues and past issues. I know he had experienced issues as well but there was benefits he did not get at his current job that I do receive so there is benefits to either. I know we both agree that coverage is not always the best but not terrible. I know he said that we was happy he had a job but also had experienced similar issues with people he worked with. They all seem to think we get easier jobs and that things are too easy for us but I don't think they understand that we have issues that make a normal job much more difficult and the interesting thing is that most of our work issues are more from the people we work with and not necessarily the work we do which was interesting.

I know other person who has a guide dog in Austin and who is also diabetic. She is blind due to other issues not related to diabetes. So it was a very interesting experience. I know after all I have been through with the people I work with it is nice to know that my experience is fairly normal. I know if people left me alone more that my whole work experience would be much improved. The constant whining and crying about anything and everything we both do. I am tired of having to accommodate people who are not disabled because they have nothing better to do with their time. I know it was interesting how friendly he was and how much we shared. I know he loved the fact that the University paid for our bus pass but I also know that the University does not have enough spots for everyone to park at. I also know they were thinking of not paying for it because of an increase that just took place. The staff threw a fit because they make parking such an issue. So thankfully we did win at least at keeping are free bus passes.  I think every job has its issues but I know now at least my experience are normal.

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