Friday, February 21, 2014

Spiking Up After Eating

I know recently I have been really frustrated because every morning when I eat my blood sugar shoots up very quickly. I prebolus as usual and have increased the time before I bolus to longer and still shooting up to around 160-170 range. The interesting thing is that my dinner has much more carbs and I have a really slow rise but recently I am soaring anytime I put any food in my mouth in the morning. I am not sure what has caused such a drastic change. I have adjusted the my carb ratio for the morning but still seems to be moving up quickly. I am happy it is not getting higher but I don't like the spiking up quickly. I have been good at not over treating the spiking blood sugars which is great. I don't want to create more lows if at all possible. I have been really good recently for the most part having less lows and only a fast moving high at 12pm which I am back to fighting. So I need to find where I am rebounding from now. I fixed the last place the rebound was coming from.

I know work has been stressful and difficult but overall I have made it a priority to get as much sleep as necessary to keep my blood sugars calm. I am quite frustrated by the new and recent issues but I know I will find a answer of how to fix the issue. Thankfully I have Duchess who lets me know if I am moving up quickly or dropping quickly. Even with that I do tend to stress way to much in particular about highs and especially the one's I have been having at night. I had several occlusions recently at night and I did not hear my alarms so I did not respond right away and so that also was another high. I know in the grand scheme of things a couple highs will not kill me. I am working on keeping my expectations of my blood sugars to be more realistic and be so mad at myself when I am not in range. I know I beat myself up way too much for bad lows or highs which will happen regardless how hard I try.

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