Monday, February 10, 2014

Love Hate Relationship

I know over the past year and half since starting the Dexcom I have a real love hate relationship. I know so many people who have such wonderful results with the Dexcom but I have never had the same experience. Most of the time the alerts are off such as last night 5 alerts of low but I was between 90-100. I did eventually go low but not until 5:22 after my alarm went off. So the Dexcom went off all night and I really hate these morning when I did not get proper sleep and have so much to do.I know if the graphs were a bit closer to my blood sugars it would be even more helpful information for my Dr.  There has been times where it was over a 50 points off so I decided since using my arms for the past couple of months that maybe it was time to try my legs but sadly so far my legs seems to get me even more erratic results. For example I had two up arrows this morning but my blood sugar was 102 but it was not moving up but very slowly. I think I got to 110 then it was back to moving down. I always check my blood sugars because it is good practice but I am not fortunate enough to have the Dexcom be more accurate. I know I am not the only one who does not get these great numbers on the Dexcom most of the time. I am concerned about using the artificial pancreas when it comes out because of how off the numbers are for me with any of the CGM's. I know it is great that it can suspend or bolus etc for you but I have an issue with it making decision of a CGM when it is not accurate for me.

I know the artifical pancreas is getting closer but not there yet. I am hoping someday I may be able to use my stomach again and hopefully have better results. I know the sensor work so great for others but I am not sure why my body does not seem to get the same results. I know I don't do infusion sets in the areas I am currently using for the Dexcom so I thought I would have better results. I just wish I was able to get better results but the scary thing if the Dexcom think you are low but you are normal and then does not clue in that you are moving higher is not good. I love that the Dexcom lets me know where I am going and has graphs but honestly Duchess is ten times more reliable that it is. I will continue to use it but I am not really thrilled with the numbers not being more accurate.


  1. I totally agree! My son uses the Dexcomm and we get similar results ... its frustrating ... and funny you mentioned your concerns about the artificial pancreas because I feel the same way!

    1. I know most people think it would work well but I think I would end up really low or really high because the sensor was off on the artificial pancreas. I know the Dexcom is great on one hand but I hate it on the other especially when its off. I am not sure why some people get better results than others.