Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Such A Little Sponge

I know recently things have been very stressful for me. I know the recent meetings and other issues that needed to be resolved have brought to my attention some things I have not quite realized previously. The longer I have Duchess the more she tends to pick up my moods and energy. I know during all the stressing before the meetings and after she was wiped out by the time we got home. Normally she is very vibrant active dog who loves to play. I even noticed in the meeting that she was picking up on my stress and seemed on edge at the time. She was watching my blood sugars move about which equaled a low at the end of the meeting. I know she tends to pick of others emotions like a little sponge. When people are upset she seems to absorb how people are feeling. I know in the past at times she would pick up others emotions at certain times but now Duchess seems to be doing more frequently. I know how stressful her job is already and I worry about here when she is picking up on my stress and emotions.

I want Duchess to be as healthy and happy as possible but there is really no need for her to be picking up my emotions or others. I worry about in the long term that will affect her because she is a very sensitive dog. She is extremely loving and I know she cares a tremendous amount about me and my safety. I am not sure what I can do it about it yet but I want her to really only worry about my blood sugars and let me deal with the rest. I know the more she tends to pick up on my feelings the more tired she seems. I am trying to keep myself in check which is not easy. I know the happier she is the easier it is for both of us. Hoping that I can get her back to her happy self.


  1. Every dog picks up on the emotions around them. I use to tell the K9 officers it travels down the leash and that is true, but the leash is a metaphors of what is happening. Even my stoic little beagles. Labs are just going to show it more. Nothing you can do about other than to manage your stress.

    1. I think she picks up the emotions more so now than she used to. I always try my best to keep things in check but the work events have been incredibly stressful and not easy. Hoping things will be a little calmer in the future for Duchess.